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Welcome and thanks for visiting our website. We are a full service bike shop in Atlanta offering new bikes, recumbents, accessories, apparel, and service on all kinds of bicycles.

We're especially passionate about bicycle transportation here at Intown Bicycles.

We bike commute ourselves and love helping other people do it too. We also love launching new bike riders. We carry a lot of bikes and things for more casual biking as well as gear for the enthusiast.

We stock hybrids, Townies, road bikes, a good recumbent, flatbar road bikes, some entry level mountain bikes, and lots of accessories. And if you're looking for fine children's bikes, we have those too.

So, have a look around our site. Thanks for the visit. Come see us.


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Are you looking for places to ride your bicycle in Atlanta? If so, check out the Atlanta Bicycle Rides that have been posted by the Intown Bicycles Community.

The Intown Bicycles Community is your place to find, share, and rate Bike Rides in Atlanta. The community is free to join and is composed of an assortment of bicycle riders, ranging from novices to experts.

Roadside Bicycle Repairs - What's in Your Seat Pack?

Back in the 70s when my riding buddy and I first started touring, I, the head mechanic, carried all but the kitchen sink in my seat pack for emergency road repairs. We could have done a complete overhaul on the side of the road with what I carried.

Since then, and after many years of mechanical experience, I've found that I could reduce the number of tools I carry, to only those required to address the four most critical roadside repairs: flat tire, broken gear cable, broken s...

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Bicycle Repair Video

How to Lube a Bicycle

How to Lube a Bicycle

The B.A.T.

Do you think that you know bikes? Well, we've put together the Bicycle Aptitude Test to see who's got the stuff and who still needs the training wheels. So, go ahead. Don't be afraid...

Take the B.A.T. now!

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Have a question about the world of bicycles? Whether it regards product information, technical issues, or riding the streets of Atlanta all you have to do is ask bicycle expert Mike Goodman, Intown Bicycles owner with over 30 years of experience in the industry.