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Mike Goodman


Mike Goodman

I have over 30 years of experience in the bicycles industry and am the sole owner of Intown Bicycles. I started out in a shed in my backyard in 1982, and as my son likes to say, have become an example for living the American dream. Read about the History of Intown Bicycles to see how it all came to be.

Rita Berry


Rita Berry

Rita came to us in 1996 when Atlanta was in high gear with the Olympics. The city was bracing itself for traffic gridlock, and suddenly people were tuning up their old bicycles and buying new ones to get around on. (What a great idea!) We were so busy at that time, that she got virtually no formal bicycle training when she arrived. She just jumped in. Although she knew little about bicycles at the time, she picked it up quickly with her natural mechanical ability. And talk about your engineer… she can rig anything. Rita is also the one that keeps the sparkle on the place. She rearranges our corners, dusts the displays, waters the plants, and fixes the leaky faucets. Rita is our "Jacqueline of all Trades". And that's just what she does here. You may also have seen Rita at Key Lime Pie Salon where she manages their inventory. We're delighted to have Rita, even if we do have to share her.

Amy Plasman


Amy Plasman

Amy joined us in the Spring of 2009. Although she had no official bike shop experience, she had spent some time at SOPO, the local bike co-op. After passing the "tool board test" in her first interview, I decided to hire her as an apprentice. Glad I did!

It turns out that Amy is a natural for retail, a Jacquelyn of all trades. Of course she speaks with customers about all things bicycle and is pretty good with a wrench, but she also manages the inventory, does displays, and takes care of the myriad of details involved in running a bike shop. I like to call her the lubricant that makes the place run smoothly.

Hey. Where'd He Go


Charlie Bennett

Charlie comes to us via Apalachee Cycle in Dacula. That's where he learned the trade. He worked there for six years, and I’m sure they're going to miss him. But with his eye on an English degree at Georgia State, he headed for parts south.

Just our luck too. Of course Charlie is knowledgeable and competent on bicycles, but he's also musical, and an all around good guy. Just the kind of guy we like here at Intown Bicycles.

Hey. He Was There A Minute Ago


Daniel Chung

Daniel joined us at the end of 2012. It's funny. I kept telling him I didn't need any help since it was the end of our season, but I hired him anyway. He did so well on our BAT (Bicycle Aptitude Test) that I couldn't pass him up.

Daniel comes on as an apprentice, but he will not be one for long. Besides being armed with an impressive knowledge of bike stuff, he's a quick study, and does meticulous work. Naturally, we're glad to have Daniel.

Thiery Goodman

Theiry's Mural

Theiry Goodman

Last, but not least, you may not actually see her when you come in, but you will see her work every time. Besides being the "woman behind the scene", Theiry is our interior designer. She's the one that creates the atmosphere here with her fine eye for color, decorative techniques, and plain old elbow grease. Check out the mural she painted in the showroom next time you come. See how many animals you can find in it. Theiry and I have been married over 32 years, and I can tell you that she is happiest with her paint (or gardening) clothes on.

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