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Helmet FAQs

Am I legally required to wear a helmet?

Only children under 16 years of age are required to wear helmets in Georgia. However, we think itís a good idea for everyone. The pavement is a really hard thing on which to hit your head.

Are bicycle helmets required to meet minimum safety standards?

Yes. Helmets made to sell in the U.S. must meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. You should see a CPSC or other sticker inside the helmet that tells you what standard is used. ASTM's standard is comparable. The Snell B-95 and N-94 standards are tougher but seldom used.

Does a more expensive helmet protect you better than a cheaper one?

Not necessarily. The main benefit of more expensive helmets is that they are cooler since they are better ventilated. However, they also fit better as they are offered in more sizes. The main reason they cost more is that the construction is more complex in order to create the extra vents for cooling and still maintain safety standards.

Can I use my skate helmet for bike riding?

Generally you should not use a skate helmet for biking. Skating helmets are designed for multiple, smaller impacts and may not absorb the force of a bike crash. However, if your skate helmet has both the CPSC bicycle and the ASTM F 1492 skateboard hemet certifications, you could use it for both activities.

How should my helmet fit?

Your helmet (and chin strap) should fit snugly but not uncomfortably so. It should be level on your head and touch all around. Movement in any direction should be less than an inch.

When should I replace my helmet?

Bike helmets are designed to break apart upon impact in order to absorb the shock. However, damage is not always visible after an impact. So, it's a good idea to replace your helmet after a crash or big hit. Manufacturers also recommend that you replace your helmet every three to five years due to UV deterioration. (We figure you want a fresh one after sweating in one that long anyway.)


Are the racks you sell OK for extended drives on the interstate?

Yes. The racks we carry are designed to take your bike down the street or across the country.

How do I know what kind of rack to get for my car, and what should I expect to spend on one?

You have to check the rack manufacturer's fit chart to determine what kind of rack fits your car. How much it costs depends on the type of rack you'll need and how many bikes you want to carry. Our racks run from about $95 to $325.

Learn more about car racks for your bicycle.


Are Packs Waterproof?

Most packs and panniers are NOT waterproof. Although the fabrics used to make them are coated with waterproofing, all packs will leak where needles have punctured the fabric in the sewing process. Zippers are also sources of leaks. However, Jandd, the brand we carry, does make a waterproof series of bags called The Hurricane series.


What is the purpose of cycling shoes?

The purpose of cycling shoes is to increase your efficiency by providing better power transfer to the pedals. That means you go faster with less energy. This is accomplished by using a stiff sole for less flex and by securing the shoes to the pedals for a faster, more even pedal stroke. More About Shoes

Do my shoes have to be compatible with my pedals?

Yes. Your shoes have to be compatible with your pedals. However, most shoes will work with most brands of pedals, so you can buy your shoes and pedals independently. You just need to decide whether you want Road or SPD type shoes first. Note: The cleats (the hardware that fastens the shoes to the pedals) will come with the pedals.

Can I use cycling shoes for spinning?

Yes. You can use cycling shoes for spinning (or spinning shoes for cycling) as long as they have SPD cleats. If you're buying cycling shoes for spinning, you'll have to add the cleats. Buy the Shimano brand. They will fit the Shimano pedals most commonly used on spin bikes.

How should my shoes fit?

Your cycling shoes should fit pretty much like any shoe, not too tight, not too loose, but comfortably. If your shoes are too tight, toes may blister, go to sleep, or develop corns. If they're too loose, your feet will wallow around in them, loosing efficiency and defeating the benefit of using them.

Can I use my cycling shoes with regular pedals?

Yes. You can use the SPD type shoes with regular pedals. However, you can not use road shoes with them. You can only use road shoes with clipless pedals.


Why would I ever wear a pair of those skintight shorts?

Those skintight cycling shorts you see bikers wear are all about comfort. They have padding sewn in the crotch to prevent saddle soreness. But why skintight? Because the close fit keeps the padding in place and helps the garment move with you rather than wrinkle and bunch. However, you can still get some padding without showing your butt.

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