Bicycle Trailer FAQs

Do these trailers fit all bikes?

Yes. You can hitch these trailers to nearly any kind of bicycle. Burley makes several aternative hitches just in case the standard one doesn't fit your bike.

How much does a trailer weigh?

Most of the Burley trailers run arond 23lbs. However, the "Nomad" cargo trailer weighs less than 15lbs. They're all very light!

What is the weight limit of these trailers?

The children's trailers, as well as the "Nomad" cargo trailer, have a 100lbs. weight limit. The single child "Solo" and the pet trailers carry 75lbs. That's a lot of L. B.s

How do I transport a trailer?

Trailers can be easily carried in your trunk or hatch since they fold up so easily. That's one of the beauties of the Burley trailers.

Is the width of a trailer an issue for riding in the road?

While the width of a trailer in the road is a common concern, it actually tends to make drivers give cyclists a little more room.

How old should my child be to ride in a trailer?

Your child should be able to sit upright and hold his or her head up while wearing a helmet. Typically they can ride in the trailer until about age six, or until they become too tall for their helmet to fit below the internal roll bar.

Does my child need to wear a helmet in the trailer?

Yes. A child should always wear a helmet when riding in a trailer. Besides providing protection, wearing a helmet in the trailer also develops the habit of always wearing one when biking.

Which is better, a trailer or a baby seat?

Neither a trailer nor a baby seat are necessarily better than the other. Both have their advantages. The two main benefits of baby seats are that they are, one, more intimate, because your child is closer to you, and two, less expensive. Trailers, on the other hand, are considered safer because they don't tip over if the bike falls over, and in the rare event of a rollover, they provide protection to the passenger. A trailer also has less of a negative affect on how the bike handles.

Is there a way to turn my Burley trailer into a stroller?

Yes. The Burley trailers quickly convert into a stroller with the turn of one knob. The trailer comes with a parking brake and push handle. The optional stroller kit comes with a retractable front wheel and safety wrist tether.

Is there a way to turn my Burley trailer into a jogger?

Yes. The Burley trailers quickly convert into a jogger. The parking brake and push handle are included with the trailer. The optional jogger kit comes with a 16" spoked front wheel for negotiating the curbs and bigger bumps.

Why a pet trailer?

As if you had to ask... Trailers are great for older pets who can't run as far as they used to, but still want to go out with you. They're also good in crowds where a leash is sometimes difficult or where your four legged pal feels safer enclosed. The trailer can double as a kennel.

Will the pet trailer be comfortable for my small dog or cat?

Yes. Burley offers they're "Critter Compartment" to decrease the space from front to back of the trailer so smaller dogs or cats feel more secure in the space. It can also seperate your cargo from your critter or seperate two critters.

Is it possible to use the pet trailers for activities other than cycling?

Sure. Besides running errands or hauling gear, the pet trailers are good for walking or jogging. They easily convert to a stroller with the optional stoller kit.

What is the advantage of using a trailer instead of panniers?

The main benefit of using a trailer instead of panniers is that it enables you to carry very large loads without compromising the handling or contol of the bike. It also reduces the wear on your bike and allows for quick disconnect if you want to take a quick ride without all of your gear.

What is the advantage of a two-wheel trailer over a one-wheel trailer?

The main advantage of a two wheel, verses a one wheel trailer, has to do with the balance. A two wheel trailer is easier to handle because it provides it's own balance. It has less of an effect on the handling of the bike. Also, where a single wheel trailer tilts over when it's not attached to the bike, a two wheel trailers stay upright, which makes loading, unloading, and storage easier.

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