Flat Bar Road Bikes FAQs

For what type of riding are flat bar road bikes best suited?

Flat bar road bikes are well suited for bike commuting, for riding longer distances, or for more casual riding. It's the perfect bike to ride to work during the week, then go for a long, fast ride on the weekend.

What are the benefits of a flat bar road bike?

Flat bar road bikes have two benefits in particular. The main benefit of a flat bar road bike is that it is very adaptable. Manufacturers have built them to accommodate larger tires, fenders, and luggage racks. Thus, you can set these bikes up to be more rugged for city use, or keep them light and sleek for speed. The other benefit of flat bar road bikes is that you don't lean over too much on them. Many people find this riding position more comfortable.

Do flat bar road bikes make good commuter bikes?

Yes. Flat bar road bikes make excellent commuter bikes. Unlike many regular road bikes, they readily accept accessories that commuters need on their bikes. They're also easy to ride greater distances given they're light, efficient design.

Is there any way to get more hand positions on the bars?

Yes. Another one or two hand positions can be added to flat bar road bikes by adding bar ends. They allow the rider to vary their position on the bike for added comfort on longer rides.

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