Hybrid Bicycle FAQs

For what type of riding are hybrids best suited?

A hybrid is best suited for more casual riding. It's a great bike for riding through the neighborhood, going out with the kids, pedaling through the park, or going for a cup with your friends. The upright riding position makes hybrids very comfortable, but better for shorter distances. (You'd probably want something lighter and faster like a road bike or flat bar road bike for longer distances.)

What are the benefits of a hybrid?

The main benefits of a hybrid are the comfortable riding position and the medium size tires. The medium size tires give the bike stability, but they are also good for negotiating the occasional rough spot in the road or cut across the grass. The upright riding position makes them very comfortable.

Are hybrids good for street and mountain biking?

Not Really. Although hybrids were touted as being both street and trail bikes when they were first introduced, they actually never made much of a trail bike. They were fine for street though, and later evolved into an excellant city bike.

Do hybrids make good commuter bikes?

Sure. Hybrids make good commuter bikes. The medium size tire makes them rugged and reliable for Atlanta streets. They are, of course, very comfortable bikes, and they accomodate luggage racks, fenders and lights, all the gear you need for bike coummuting.

Is it better to have a suspension or ridgid fork?

Neither type of fork is better than the other on a hybrid, they are just different. A suspension fork lends a smoother, plusher feel to the ride of the bike. A ridgid fork gives it a more responsive, but slighly bumpier feel.

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