Purchasing a Bicycle FAQs

What if I don't know the first thing about bicycles?

That's OK. We can take you from scratch. That's our job, and we love doing it! In the mean time, you may want to check out our article how to choose a bicycle.

What do I need to know to buy a bike?

The main thing to know in order to buy a bike, is how you intend to use it. From there you can determine what type of bike to get and how much you want to afford on one. You can delve into the technical stuff, or specifications, as much you like, but you don't have to. We like to speak in more general terms down here at Intown bicycles. For example, the gears will shift more precisely and last longer as you go up in price, as opposed to, this bike has Sora shifters, this one has Tiagra.

What is the advantage of buying my new bike from a bike shop rather than a "big box" store?

The advantage of buying your new bike from a bike shop is that you'll get a higher quality bicycle there and the expertise to go along with it. Besides having an expert assembly with free break-in adjustments, a bike shop bike is more comfortable, has a better ride, last longer and requires less maintenance. The folks at the bike shop will help you choose a bicycle that best suites your needs, fit you on the right size, and show you how to operate it. Basically a bike shop will introduce you to all things cycling whether it's about serious or more casual biking. And that's pretty cool!

Why do all the stores in my area carry different brands?

You find that all the stores in a geographical area carry different brands, because manufacturers normally like to give their retailers a "territory" in which to operate. They'd rather spread the brand representation out geographically than have their dealers compete with each other.

What are the best brands?

There are not really any best brand bicycles, except, of course, for ours. (: But really, pretty much any bike shop brand is good. Most manufacturers use the same components on their bikes, within the same price range. Thus, a $400 bike by "brand X" will be about as good as a $400 bike by "brand Y". Therefore, it's fair to judge a bike by the price rather than by the brand.

What brands do you carry?

We carry Raleigh, Jamis, and Electra. More About Our Bicycle Brands

What do I get when I spend more on a bike?

When you spend more on your bike, you simply get a higher quality bicycle. Some bikes may come with disk brakes, some may have front suspensions, but basically the features don't change too much. All bikes have two wheels, a seat, and a handlebar. However, as you go up in price you'll find that the bikes will have a smoother, lighter, more solid feel to the ride. They will last longer, hold their adjustments better, and require a little less frequent maintenance.

What accessories do I need with my new bike?

Plan on buying a helmet to protect your head in the event of a fall, a lock to keep the bad guys from stealing your new bike, a pump to keep your tires inflated, and a water bottle for staying hydrated. Consider these your first tier accessories. You may want to add some apparel items next. Apparel is about comfort. Then you may want to add some maintanece items like flat tire provisions or chain lube.

What is the warranty on your new bikes?

New bikes carry a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year on the parts. Typically a new bike purchase also includes thirty days for free break-in adjustments, however, we extend that to six months at Intown Bicycles.

Do you have a free adjustment period on the new bikes you sell?

Yes. We will do free break-in adjustments on your new bike for six months.

How do I know when to bring my new bike back for the free break-in adjustments?

Let us take a look at your new bike in 25 to 40 hours of riding time, or if you notice anything that doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Gear slip is usually the first bug to pop up on a new bike. It's a result of cable stretch. This is normal. When you come in, we'll adjust all the cables, check the bearings, inflate the tires, and check a few specific nuts and bolts.

Do you do layaways on bicycles?

Yes we do layaways on bicycles. We ask for a third down and allow thirty days to pay the balance. There is a restock fee of 15% of the purchase price to cancel a layaway.

What is your bicycle return policy?

  • 100% Refund within ten days. Bike must be in showroom condition.
  • 80% Refund after ten days.
  • No Refunds after 2 weeks.

We charge a Restock Fee of 20% for bikes requiring a markdown to resell due to scratches or cleanliness.

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