Trail-a-Bike FAQs

Is a Trail-a-Bike safe?

A Trail-a-Bike is as safe as the person pulling it. It's no wider than a regular bike and it stays in line with the lead bike. Thus, you don't have to worry about it wandering from side to side or taking up too much room on the road when you ride.

How old does my child have to be to ride a Trial-a-Bike?

To ride a Trail-a-Bike, your child should be big enough to comfortably reach the pedals and, of course, be able to stay on it. Four to four and a half years old seems to be a pretty good age. However, Adams also offers a baby seat to fit their trailers, so you could actually ride a child as young as a one year old.

What is the weight limit for a Trail-a-Bikes?

The weight limit for a Trail-a-Bike is 100lbs. (That's when you know you want some help pedaling.)

How does a Trail-a-Bike install to my bike?

The Trail-a-Bike attaches to the seat post with a collar that's secured with two pinch bolts . While the collar stays on the seat post, there's a pin that's easily pulled to hitch and unhitch the trailer.

Does a Trail-a-Bike fit on any kind of bike?

The Trail-a-Bike will connect to the seat post of almost any kind of bikes. However, enough of the post has to be available to install the hitch. Sometimes suspension seat posts won't accommodate a Trail-a-Bike because when the seat is raised high enough to provide room for the hitch, it's too high for the rider to touch the ground. This problem is solved by simply changing the seat post.

Can I use my Trail-a-Bike on more than one bike?

Yes. You can put a second hitch on another bike and easily move the trailer from bike to bike with the simple pull of a pin.

Does my kid have to pedal?

Your kid doesn't have to pedal if he/she doesn't want to. The Trail-a-Bike is designed so that the passenger can pedal or coast. However, you'll definitely appreciate their help.

Is a Trail-A-Bike hard to balance?

For your child, no balance is required at all because you provide that. For you, the extra weight of a passenger tends to exaggerate the steering movements, so steering requires a little bit more attention. You'll notice if your passenger is wiggling around a lot back there. Compensating for it is all done pretty naturally though.

Does Adams offer more than one model of Trail-a-Bike?

Yes. Adams offers 7 speed as well as single speed models. You have a choice of steel or the lighter weight aluminum in both. They even offer a tandem so you can take two children with you, if you want to.

What accessories are available?

Adams offers two accessories: a seat back with a broad under-arm strap, and a baby seat.

How can I transport my Trail-a-Bike?

You can carry your Trail-a-Bike on a bike rack, in the trunk, or inside your car. It folds in half with the quick removal of the seat post.

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