Bicycle Packs and Panniers

For Across Town or Across Country

We feature Jandd packs and panniers. As specialists in bicycle commuting, we offer a good selection of bags for around town use as well as long distance touring.

Bicycle Packs and Panniers

Heavy Duty and Well Designed

We like Jandd bags. They're constructed for long life and hard use. Fabrics are heavy; seams are double stitched and taped. The compartments are of good size and number for organizing your gear. The panniers attach easily to the bike (and stay there). Their bags are well though out. You can tell when you use them.

But Wait There's More

Jandd also makes a wide array of backpacks, luggage, and travel accessories.

We've sold Jandd bags for years; so, we can tell you, it's great gear, and we can get it all for you!

Quick FAQs

Are packs waterproof?

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