Bicycle Trailers

Trailers are wonderful for riding with the kids, taking out your dog, or making the occasional run to the grocery store. We always keep the CoPilot trailer by Blackburn in stock, and we can order Burleys.

Blackburn CoPilot Trailer


CoPilot Trailer

The CoPilot carriers one or two children, folds down for easy transport, and comes with a kit to convert it to a stroller. We think it's the best trailer around with the most features and the best price! Come test drive one. We think you'll agree.

We Can Also Get Burley Bicycle Trailers

Burley has been synonymous with safe, durable, high quality trailers since 1978. They're light weight, they hitch to your bike in seconds, and fold up effortlessly for transporting. Burley, hands down, makes the finest bicycle trailers out there. They make eleven models. Here are three that we particularly like.

The Burley Nomad Trailer


The Burley Nomad Trailer

The Nomad weighs in at a mere 14.5lbs, but can carry 100lbs! It sports sixteen inch, alloy, quick release wheels for quick breakdown and light weight. The removable inside dividers and pockets help organize your gear, and if you need more space, an optional rack can be fastened on the top for added capacity. Besides making a great touring trailer, for which it was originally designed, the Nomad also makes a good around-town utility trailer for groceries, or whatever you want to carry.

The Encore


The Burley Encore Trailer

With a weight capacity of 100lbs, the Encore carries one or two children, as well as some of their stuff. Lightweight, twenty inch, quick release, alloy wheels keep the weight down to 23lbs, and make breaking the trailer down for transport quick and easy. It comes with reclining seats, an adustable sunscreen, tinted windows with UV protection, and a handlebar to make it easy to move around. Burley also makes kits for converting the Encore into a stroller or jogger.

The Tail Wagon (For Pets)


The Burley Rover Trailer

For years people had been buying Burley trailers and adapting them for their pets, so Burley decided to save them some work. Of course Burley being Burley, this is a well thought out trailer. Like all of the Burley trailers, it's lightweight and easily folded down. It's well ventilated, the floor is removable for easy cleaning, and the tailgate drops down for easy loading. The Tail Wagon also converts into a stoller with the optional stroller kit. The weight capacity is 75lbs.

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