Stationary Trainers

Convert your bike into an exercise bike with a stationary trainer.

Why Use a Trainer?

Trainers are good to have for workouts on rainy days, good for warm-ups before events, and good to travel with when you want to work out out of town.

Bicycle Trainer

Sturdy, Simple, and Small

We stock the CycleOps brand trainers by Saris. We've carried them for a long time and we like them a lot. They're sturdy so you can ride them hard; they're small so they're easy to carry and stow; and their simple design makes it easy to put your bike on and take it off.

Changing the Resistance

The resistance on the pedals is varied by changing the gears on the bike. The faster the back wheel spins, the more the resistance. So, just like on the road, low gears are easier to pedal and high gears harder. You can ride hard or you can ride easy, but a good workout is guaranteed.

Wind and Fluid

We carry two models of the CycleOps trainers: wind and fluid. The difference is in the resistance unit.

The wind model uses a fan to create the resistance. It roars a bit when you get up to speed, but it's the least expensive of the two models and it simulates the road very well. It goes for $180.

The main benefit of the fluid trainer is that it runs very quietly. Saris does this by encasing the fan in a fluid filled chamber. It also has a really nice, smooth feel to it. It goes for $360. All of the trainers come with a workout CD.


Of course we offer some useful accessories to go with your trainer: a riser block to level the front wheel, a mat to protect your floor and reduce noise, and a sweat net to protect your bike from sweat. (Sweat is very corrosive.)

Test Ride a Bicycle Trainer

We always keep a trainer set up in the store. Come test ride one, and see what you think.

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