Our Bicycle Brands

We've selected the brands we carry, quite simply, because we like the products and because we appreciate the good service we get from these companies. Here's a little bit about them.

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Raleigh Bicycles

We've carried Raleighs since we opened in 1985. That pretty much says it all about Raleigh. We've found them to be consistently high quality, high value bicycles year after year. We have a soft spot for Raleighs around here anyway though, because I learned the business working on them back in the day. (See "The Story") We think they're great bikes, even if we are a little biased. Come see the current lineup. See what you think. Raleigh


Jamis Bicycles

We've carried Jamis bicycles for close to 20 years. You may not have heard of them because they are a little smaller company, but Jamis bikes are well regarded by folks who know bikes. Nearly every year, the industry names two or three of their bikes "best bike in category". However, we think ALL the Jamis bikes are "best bikes": always light weight, always great riding bikes. Come test ride one and see if you like them as much as we do. Jamis


Electra Bicycles

Electra likes to say that they are the company that makes "bikes for people who don't ride bikes". That is to say, they make bikes for the more casual rider, rather than for the sport cyclist.

Electra got their start making very cool, hot rod style beach cruisers in California. However, we discovered them when they introduced their innovative "Townie Bicycles". They created a whole new category of bikes with the Townie. Later they introduced The Amsterdam, their version of the every-day bike that populates The Netherlands.

We carry a little of everything: Townies, Amsterdams, cruisers and hybrids. Come take a look at these bikes. They are positively stylin'. Electra

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