Electra Bikes

Although Electra is a brand rather than a type of bicycle, we've given them their own category because they don't really fit into any other. Their Townies and Cruisers bikes are sort of comfort bikes, sort of cruisers, but not exactly. They are, however, exactly stylin'. Scroll down for a small sample of their bikes. Stroll in for a test drive. We think you'll love these bikes.

The Townie

The Townie is a unique bicycle. It's a cross between a comfort bike and a beach cruiser. Unlike any other bike on the market, the Townie allows you to have your feet almost flat on the ground when you stop, and still have the seat high enough to make the bike easy to pedal. This "flat foot technology" is especially good for folks who have not ridden for a long time, or who just feel uncomfortable with that tiptoe reach to the ground that is characteristic of most bicycles. Besides being very comfortable, this one size bike fits most people. It's a bike you can share.

Townie Original 7D


We start things off with the Townie 7. It's a very comfortable bike. You sit upright. The aluminum frame and rigid fork give it a light, smooth, stable ride. It has seven easy to operate gears, which are just enough for the hills around here, but not so many that you don't know what to do with them all. Come test ride one, and see why it is our most popular Townie. They come in a multitude of colors. We have most in stock.

We also carry the Townie 7 with the 24" wheels to accomodate smaller riders, and the XL for taller folks.

Woman's Townie 7D Men's  Townie 7D

Townie 7D EQ


Take the Townie 7, add fenders for a classic look. Then add lights powered by a generator in the front wheel, and you've got the Townie EQ. Also available in several colors.

Women's Townie 21

Townie Original 21


This is the bike that started off the whole "flat foot" thing for Electra. The 21 gears make it especially easy to pedal. An aluminum frame makes it light weight. Also available in several colors.

Women's Townie 21 Men's Townie 21

The Cruisers

The hardest thing about carrying Electra cruisers is picking which ones to stock. They are hands-down the coolest, best looking cruisers out there, and Electra makes a bunch of them. We only keep one or two in stock, but the whole line is available to us in just a few of days. Peruse the Whole Line.

7D Cruiser


Here's one of the cruisers we keep in stock. The wide seat and upright riding position make it very comfortable. The seven easy to operate gears make going up hills a breeze. And like all the Electras you'll have a lot of your foot on the ground when you stop. Also available in jade, cream sparkle, and neon pink.

Electra Ladies 7D Cruiser

Fashion Cruisers

The Flora and Fauna
($100 Off) Now $550

These days we're stocking the Flora and Fauna cruiser. She comes with three easy-to-operate gears and a coaster brake. You won't have to think about how to operate it. All you have to think about is how good this bike looks on you! (Check back with us. We like to change around what we stock in the cruisers.)

The Wren

Electra Loft


We recently added the Electra Lofts to our lineup. We like the light, nimble ride, the simplicity of seven gears, and, of course, the classic styling. Come ride this bike. You'll love it. It will look good on you. We carry the men's and women's 7D models, as well as the Women's Loft 7i, which is the internally geared 7 speed. The men's 7D comes in khaki or white; the women's in cream, or pink. The ladies 7i comes in green tea or blizzard blue.

Woman's Loft 7D Men's Electra Loft

Loft 7i $710

Woman's Loft 7i

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