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We're very excited to offer Gunnar bicycles and framesets at Intown Bicycles.

This Is Good Stuff

Each Gunnar frameset is hand-crafted in Waterford, Wisconsin using True Temper OX Platinum air hardening steel tubing. These framesets are very light, very strong, and beautifully finished. Of course they ride beautifully too, enjoying all the benefits of steel. We like Gunnar because their designs are well thought out, they use superior materials, and they build with old world craftsmanship. More

First Choose A Frame

Gunnar Bottom BracketGunnar makes framesets for pretty much anything you might want to do on a bike: racing, touring, commuting, mountain biking, cyclocross, or riding single speed. With such a large selection you'll be able to find just the right frame and just the right fit. (Some models come as large as 68cm.) You'll see that Gunnar has fine tuned the geometries on all their frames for ideal fit, superb handling, and a simply sublime ride. We'll be sure you get on the right size.

Decide What Options You Want

First choose a fork. You can get Gunnar's hand made steel fork to match your frame, or you can go with a carbon fork. You have a choice of paint color and a couple of choices for decals. You can have your frame personalized with your name, or have a short phrase put on it. You can get an anti-corrosion treatment done, or have your new Gunnar built with S&S couplings to break it down for easy traveling.

Select the Components

Selecting the components is where you have the most flexibility in customizing your bike. You might want Shimano stuff,Gunnar Fork Dropouts maybe Sram, maybe Campy. Perhaps you'd like some hand built wheels or something off-the-shelf. You may already have your parts, or maybe you need to pick your components to keep within a certain budget. In any case, we can help. We'll be sure that all the parts fit your bike and that they all work together properly.

We'll Build It For You

Bike mechanics enjoy nothing more than building a bike from the frame up. They tend to vie for such jobs around the shop. You're guaranteed our most meticulous work.

And Dial in the Fit

Gunnar Seat ClusterMany bike shops have elaborate fit systems and computer programs to assess your fit. These systems certainly have their place, particularly if you're racing. However, a few rules of thumb, an experienced eye, and a little rider feedback goes a long way to assure that you have a proper fit. That's how we do it.

Other Information

It takes about four weeks to get a frame, unless, of course, you pick one we have in stock. You don't have to buy a whole bike. You can get just the frame, or just a frame & fork. Forks run from $275 to $350 for the most part. Most options carry an additional charge.

Models We Stock

All of the Gunnars are available to us, but we're only keeping our favorite one on hand at the moment: The Sport.

The Gunnar Sport

$900 (plus Fork)

We think the Sport is an ideal road bike. It does just about everything. The geometry falls somewhere between that of a racing bike and a touring bike, enjoying a nice blend of performance and stability. With a little longer wheel base and a little higher handlebars it's built for comfort, yet doesn't sacrifice the lightness and performance you expect in a fine steel road bike. That makes it a perfect bike for century rides, a great commuter bike or a good light tourer. Built for 57mm long reach sidepull brakes, the Sport accommodates fenders and wider tires if desired. The Sport is truly a versatile bike. We stock it in English blue, which is the color of the logo at the top of the page.

Gunnar Sport Road Frame in Bronze

About Gunnar

Gunnar is a company steeped in bicycle history. Although founded in 1998, their roots actually go back to the early 80's with the Schwinn Bicycle Company. In those days, Schwinn was making it's famed Paramount road bikes in their factory in Waterford, Wisconsin. However, in 1992 Schwinn was forced to file for bankruptcy. That's when Richard Schwinn and Marc Muller acquired the facility and changed the name to Waterford Precision Cycles. They continued building the Paramount bikes under contract to Schwinn while developing their own line of Waterford custom steel lugged frames. Waterford sales were slow at first, and the Paramount business petered out. However, the company survived by picking up contract work TIG welding custom steel BMX frames for Standard Bykes. They also helped supply Rivendell.

Thus, Waterford's expertise has always been in building steel bikes. With the expertise they developed TIG welding for Standard, along with innovations in air hardening tubing, Waterford saw an opportunity to create high quality, hand made, TIG welded, road frames at an affordable price. So, in 1998, Waterford Precision Cycles introduced Gunnar Cycles (named after the factory dog) for just that purpose.

Quick FAQs

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