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Biking in the Park

Hybrids are good, casual, "I just want to go biking" kind of bikes. They have a comfortable upright riding position, medium size tires (for the occasional shortcut across the grass), and a comfortable seat.

These days there are more hybrids and variations thereof from which to choose than ever before; but all are good for riding around the neighborhood, going to the park, or making the occasional run to the market.

Scroll down to see what we carry. It's a pretty good sampling of what's out there to choose from. We carry men's and women's models. (All prices include a kickstand and Intown water bottle.)

Raleigh Detour 3.5


This is our entry level hybrid. Although you can buy bikes for less money, it's hard to beat the Detour 3.5 for value. The frame is aluminum for light weight. The fork is rigid for a good road feel, and the shifting is intuitive with its grip shift. It really rides like a more expensive bike. We carry the men's and women's. Both are also available in pewter.

Men's Raleigh Detour 3.5 Woman's Raleigh Detour 3.5

Raleigh Cameo


We found the Cameo irresistible: a beautiful, classic, get-around-town bicycle. The upright riding position makes it comfortable. The luggage rack is practical. The fenders give the bike a nice finished look. Seven gears make it easy to pedal, and easy to operate. What's not to like?

Woman's Raleigh Cameo

Electra Loft


Here's the classic mens' bike by Electra. Comfortable. Practical. Handsome. Simple to operate. Also available in white.

Mens' Electra Loft

Jamis Citizen 2.0


For a little more money the Citizen 2.0 comes with a front suspension and a suspension seat post, which lend the bike a very smooth ride. The shifting is crisp with Shimano "Rapid Fire" shifters, and like all the Jamis bikes, the Citizen is light and responsive. This is a nice bike. Also available in Azurite Blue.

Jamis Citizen 2.0

Raleigh Route 4.0


The Route 4.0 is our finest hybrid. Like the Citizen above, it sports a front suspension, suspension seat post, and "rapid fire" shifters. However, the front suspension also has a "Lock-Out" feature, which allows you turn off the suspension for more efficiency. Add the comfortable gel seat and a couple of upgrades in the drivetrain and you can see why we carry this bike. It's a good riding bike and a good value. We carry men's and women's models.

Raleigh Route 4.0 Women's Raleigh Route 4.0 Ladies'

Jamis Commuter 2


The Commuter 2 falls into a new category of bikes called "Commuter Bikes", but it's basically a dressed up hybrid. It has the characteristic medium size tires of a hybrid, but the riding position is slightly more leaned over. It's eight gears are simple to operates. It comes with a rack and fenders, which are very practical, but they also give the bike a nice classic look. This would be a great bike to ride to work, ride to the market, or just ride for fun. We carry men's and women's models. The womens' model is also available in icy mint.

Jamis Commuter 2 Jamis Commuter 2

The Verse 21


The Verse is our fastest hybrid. It's a cross between a flat bar road bike and a traditional hybrid. The ride is light and fast like a flat bar road bike, but the riding position is more upright, like a hybrid. This is a good bike if you want something casual, but with a little zip ( and a little flash). We carry the men's and women's models. The men's is also available in Orange/Black, the ladies' in Strawberry/Cream, and Purple/Mint.

The Men's Electra Verse 21

The Women's Verse 21


The Women's Electra Verse 21

Raleigh Misceo Trail 1.0


The Misceo is a street/trail bike with hybrid size tires, but on the knobby side. We think of it as an urban mountain bike. It's nimble on the street, yet able to go off road. If you like the toughness or style of a mountain bike, you ride mainly on the street, but want the option to go off road, this would be a good bike for you.

Misceo Trail 1.0

Raleigh Mesika Trail 1.0


The Mesika is the women's version of the Misceo above, only it fits a woman better with it's shorter top tube and shorter reach to the bars. The Mesika makes a great urban bike with it's narrower tires, but makes a good off-road bike for the occasional foray off pavement. The Mesika's tough, but in a feminine kind of way. Why a Women's Bike?

Raleigh Mesika Trail 1.0

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