Mountain Bikes

As the name implies, mountain bikes were originally made for off road riding. Although trail riding is where they excel, mountain bikes also make good, rugged city bikes. They're sort of the Jeep or SUV of bicycles, except that the gas mileage is better. Here's what we offer. (Prices includes a kickstand and Intown water bottle.)

Jamis Trail XR
(For ten & eleven year olds)


The Trail XR is our offering for that little guy (or girl) that's too big for a children's bike, but not quite big enough for a full size adult bike. With a 13" frame, it's basically an extra small adult bike. We carry the Trail XR in only the 13" frame size, but we can order any size you'd like. It's a good value, and it's a bike you can pass around the family as the kids grow in and out of it. Also available in black.

Jamis Trail XR Mtn Bike

Raleigh Talus 2


Next we offer the Talus 2. It's a great light duty mountain bike with the new 27.5" wheel size. Although it's designed primarily for street use, it does fine on the occasional off-road trail. Like all of the Raleighs, it's a lot of bike for the price. Also available in Dark Silver.

Raleigh Talus 2

Raleigh Redux 1


Please excuse the French here y'all, but this bike is bitchin'! It's stealth black. It has big, rugged, street tires; disc brakes for all weather stopping; and a rigid fork for speed, acceleration, and a good feel for the road. Talk about your urban mountain bike... It'll take you anywhere you want to go. We're pretty excited about the Redux. Come check it out. See if you agree.

Raleigh Redux 1

Raleigh Misceo Trail 1.0


Here's a bike we added to our lineup last year. Think of the Misceo as an urban mountain bike. It has more narrow tires than a typical mountain bike, so it's more nimble on the street, yet still able to go off road. If you like the toughness or style of a mountain bike, but ride mainly on the street, this would be a good bike for you.

Misceo Trail 1.0

Raleigh Mesika Trail 1.0


The Mesika is the women's version of the Misceo above, only it fits a woman better with it's shorter top tube and shorter reach to the bars. The Mesika makes a great urban bike with it's narrower tires, but makes a good off-road bike too if you want to hit the occasional dirt road or take it camping. She's tough, but in a feminine kind of way.

Raleigh Mesika Trail 1.0

The B.A.T.

Do you think that you know bikes? Well, we've put together the Bicycle Aptitude Test to see who's got the stuff and who still needs the training wheels. So, go ahead. Don't be afraid...

Take the B.A.T. now!

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