Our Bicycle Assembly

We do a meticulous assembly on our new bikes at Intown Bicycles. That's important because a good assembly makes a big difference in how well your new bike will ride. It will stop better, shift more precisely, and have an overall tighter, more solid feel to the ride. A good assembly also assures the reliability and increases the life of your bike.

At Intown, along with the usual adjustments of the brakes, gears, and bearings, we also check all the nuts and bolts, and grease all the adjusters and other components not lubed at the factory. Not all bike shops are this meticulous. We're proud of the assembly we do on our new bikes, down here at Intown Bicycles, and of course, there's no additional charge for it. Moreover, a new bike purchase includes six months of free adjustments so that we can readjust your bike as it breaks in. We think you'll feel the difference.

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