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Note: These days we're special ordering The Slipstream rather than keeping them in stock. However, a test ride can be arranged if you'll call us ahead of time. In the meantime, keep reading. You'll find the information here useful if you're considering buying a recumbent. Of course we'd love to hook you up with one.

Nothing is more comfortable than a recumbent bike for long distance touring! Besides enjoying the scenery from a heads-up riding position, you'll no longer have to suffer the tingling hands, or the neck, shoulder, and butt aches that come from hours of riding on an upright bike.

Buying a Recumbent

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The Slipstream $3050

We present The Slipstream by Longbike as our recumbent of choice. Of course it's a great all-purpose, long wheelbase, underseat steering recumbent, but it EXCELS at long distance touring. The folks at Longbike have this design dialed in. The ride is smooth and stable, and the under seat steering gives it unparalled comfort. When you get off this bike, it's because you ran out of gas, not because your body parts hurt. Give us a call, or come by for a test ride.

Slipstream Recumbent

Quick FAQs

Are recumbents difficult to ride?

Aren't recumbents less visible and thus more dangerous to ride since they sit so low?

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Buying a Recumbent

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