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We used to call these bikes with the skinny wheels and down-turned handlebars ten speeds, or sometimes racing bikes. Today we simply refer to them as "road bikes". Road bikes are swift, elegant machines that can take you across town or across the country. They're pretty much just for pavement use, but ideal for long rides as they are very efficient and aerodynamic. A road bike is a good choice for touring, commuting, racing, or for the pure joy of performance. There's nothing like a road bike. Here's what we carry.

(For starters, you may want to read How to Choose a Road Bike. It's a good primer, and tells you what you need to know without all the jargon. You may also want to check out these FAQs.)

Raleigh Revenio 1.0


( Previous Models $650)

We present the Raleigh Revenio 1.0 as the first entry in our 2014 road bike lineup. Revenio means "the comeback" or "the return" in latin. For Raleigh it means they've returned to a more relaxed or less "aggressive" frame geometry. Translation: The Revenio is comfortable without sacrificing performance. The aluminum frame makes the ride light and lively. The Shimano Claris drivetrain makes for positive and reliable shifts. We were impressed with the ride, and the value. We think you will be too. This is a good bike.

Raleigh Revenio 1.0

Raleigh Capri 1.0


The Capri 1.0 is the womens' version of the Revenio above. It's quite comfortable, built for a woman's physique. The aluminum frame gives it a light, lively ride. The Shimano 2300 drivetrain works great. Come take it for a test ride. We think you'll like it. (Why a Women's Bike?)

Raleigh Capri 1.0

Jamis Quest Sport


Next we give you the Quest Sport (formerly the Satellite Sport). We're very excited to offer a steel bike at an entry-level price point. The majority of bikes you see these days are made of aluminum, so it's nice to have an alternative. The steel frame lends the Quest a very smooth, very stable ride, and the Shimano Claris components make for quick, accurate shifts. This is a great starter road bike. It's perfect for your first triathlon or for simply adding cycling to your exercise program. Also available in Tiger's Eye.

Jamis Quest Sport

Jamis Quest Sport Femme


Not to leave out the ladies, we also give you the Quest Sport Femme. We're very excited to offer an entry level steel bike in a women's model too. Like the men's model above, the steel frame and chromoly fork give it a smooth, stable ride, and the Shimano Claris components work great. Of course the women's seat, narrower bars, and adjusted "geometry" make it very comfortable for women. Also available in Tiger's Eye. (Why a Women's Bike?)

Jamis Satellite Sport Femme

Jamis Ventura Comp

On Sale for $900

(Reg. $975)

Think performance here. The carbon fork, Shimano Sora components, and Mavic/Formula wheels give the Ventura Comp a fast, nimble feel. We were pretty much blown away with how well it rode for the price. Come give it a test ride. See if you agree.

Jamis Ventura Comp

Jamis Ventura Comp Femme

$975 (Now $925)

Not only is this bicycle beautiful, it's fast. Of course the womens' specific "geometry" makes it very comfortable too, but the carbon fork, Shimano Sora components, and Mavic/Formula wheels make it fast. This a fun bike to ride. Come try it. (Why a Women's Bike?)

Jamis Ventura Comp

Raleigh Revenio 3.0


The Revenio 3.0 is our finest road bike. Raleigh has designed it to be both fast and comfortable. The carbon fork and slightly more upright riding position make it comfortable. The wheels and 105 components make it fast. This is a lot of bike for the money. Come ride it. It will speak for itself.

Raleigh Revenio 3.0

Raleigh Roper

We Only Got a Couple. $1500

We've added the Raleigh Roper to our road bike lineup this season. Think versatile here. Although designed as a cyclocross bike, it doubles as a fine touring or commuter bike. The steel frame and fork give the bike a smooth, stable ride. The disc brakes provide braking in all weather conditions, and the Shimano 105 components lend crisp, precise shifting. This is an exciting bike.

Raleigh Roper Cross Bike

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