We carry the Adams Trail-A-Bike.

Ride Safely with Your Child in Tow


We discovered trail-a-bikes a number of years ago at one of our trade shows. An individual from Canada, whose family owned a machine shop, built this tandem-like trailer so he could safely ride with his kids in tow. Although the company has since been sold, Adams was the original brand trail-a-bike.

Best Brand

We've seen other brands over the years, but we've always liked the Adam's. We think they're the best trail-a-bikes out there. We like the hitch design in particular. It makes the trailer easy to hook up to your bike, and you can buy a second hitch for moving it from bike to bike.

Lots of Models

We only stock the basic folding model, but Adams offers several others: some with gears, some lighter weight models made of aluminum, and even a tandem. They also offer back rests and baby seats to fit them. Trail-a-Bikes start at about $225.

Quick FAQs

How old does my child have to be to ride a Trial-a-Bike?

Does a Trail-a-Bike fit on any kind of bike?

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