Bicycle Service Packages

We take a good bit of pride in the quality of work we do down here at Intown Bicycles. We're Meticulous. And Particular. And hey, isn't that the kind of shop you want working on your bike?

Here's what we offer.

Tune-up : $85

Bicycle Service Packages 1

An "Intown" tune includes adjusting the gears, brakes, and bearings; truing the wheels; checking all the nuts and bolts; external lube; and a wipe down.

We like to recommend this level of service. Since we put a wrench on every nut and bolt on the bike during a tune-up, we sometimes find hidden problems that may not be apparent in a less detailed job. Even if a particular component did not need adjustment, you'll know that it was checked and that it is in good shape.

Checkover : $45

Bicycle Service Packages 2

If you feel like our meticulous "Intown" tune is more than you need, we do offer a simple checkover. You'll get an inspection, air, lube and a couple of minor adjustments as needed.

Overhaul : $250

An overhaul includes complete disassembly of the bike, a thorough cleaning of all the components, fresh grease in all the serviceable bearing, and reassembly. This job also includes a free 90-day adjustment period after the service.

Transmission Clean : $60

Bicycle Service Packages 3

We pull the entire transmission off the bike, including the chain, cassette, crank, and derailleurs; clean them with citrus degreaser; then reinstall and adjust them for optimum performance.

Tune and Transmission Clean : $135

Saves $10 when done together!


*Please note that parts and parts installation is extra.

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