Intown Bicycles Specials

Check out the list below to see the current specials going on at Intown Bicycles. If something interests you, be sure to come into the store soon, as these specials usually don't last.

Bicycles on Sale

Raleigh Revenio 1.0

Raleigh Revenio 1.0 $650 (reg $710)

The Revenio is a great affordable road bike for adding cycling to you fitness routine. The aluminum frame gives it a light, nimble ride. The riding position is a tad more upright, which makes it comfortable. Specs

Raleigh Capri

Womens Raleigh Capri $675 (reg $710)

We've only got a couple of these left, but they're really nice bikes. The fit is comfortable, the ride light and lively, the looks speak for themselves. The Capri is a great entry level ladies road bike. Specs

Jamis Satellite Sport

Jamis Satellite Sport $650 (reg $700)

This a really good entry level road bike. The steel frame gives it a smooth stable ride. The more upright riding position make it very comfortable.

Jamis Satellite Comp

Jamis Satellite Comp $850 (reg $950)

We've got one of these left in a 54cm. Steel frame, carbon fork, Sora components. Think smooth, comfortable, stable. For $100 off, you should just come buy it!

Jamis Satellite Comp Femme

Jamis Satellite Comp Femme $900 (reg $950)

This is the womens version of the mens Comp above. Just a better fit for a lady. Same comfortable riding position and smooth, stable ride.

Jamis Ventura Comp Femme

Jamis Ventura Comp Femme $925 (reg $975)

With an aluminum frame, carbon fork, and Shimano Sora components, think light and fast ladies. This would make a fine workout or triathlon bike.

New Lights

Every year we're seeing the prices of lights coming down and the lumens going up. You can get more light for your money than ever before. This year we've chosen the TSL-750 headlight as our nicest light.Serfas TSL-750 Headlight As the name implies, it puts out 750 lumens. That's pretty bright, but it's especially bright when you consider it only costs $160. It comes with two mounts: one for the helmet and one for the handlebars. Of course it's rechargeable, coming with a USB cord and wall charger. This light is a value!' Great for commuting.

Serfas TSL 250 HeadlightIf that's a little deeper than you want to go, consider the TSL-250. At 250 lumens, it' a powerful light. It doesn't come with the exra helmet mount or chargers, but your cell phone charger will work on it, and best of all, this light only costs $85.

For a helmet-mount light, you can't beat the Vis 360 by Light & Motion. Made in Monterey, CA, it puts out 120 lumens for road illumination in the front and 180* blinking visibility from the rear. The main benefit of having the light on your Vis 360 Helmet Lighthelmet is that it shines where you're looking. Also, since it rides high, it's a good choice for recumbent riders, who ride low. I use this light myself, and can tell you that it's a value for $130.

Serfas BI Flashing Light Also in the rechargeable category is the BI Taillight. This is a unique light in that it flashes white or red. You can switch it from the front or rear of you bike. We thought that was pretty neat for only $25.

Urban 200 Light by Light & MotionHere's another light by Light & Motion. The Urban 200 is finely crafted with an aluminum case, and emits 200 lumens of light. But don't judge it by the lumens alone. Come pick it up, feel it, and turn it on. The quality will speak for itself. We like this light a lot. On Sale for $80 (reg $100)

Odds and Ends on Clearance

Please peruse our clearance items. We'd love to hook you up with a good deal on something.

Campy Rear Hub & Cassette: Chorus 8 spd. $50!

Lite Trainer Shoes: Styled like a running shoe, they're good for touring or commuting, but they're great too for spinning. Regularly $90, we have them on sale for $60. Just a few odd sizes left.

Used Bikes

We have all of one used bike right not.

It's an itty bitty 12" bike for a three year old. Good condition. Blue. $95.

New Stuff

Here are some new things we thought were cool!

Ortlieb City Panniers

We've just picked up the Ortlieb Back-Roller City panniers. Commuters and tourist (like me) love the Ortliebs for their simplicity of design. One compartment makes for easy organization. The roll-down closure makes them waterproof, and the attachment is super fast and easy. You should check these out if you're in the market for some bags. We have the white ones, but we can get you black or red. $150.

Phone Caddy

Phone Caddy. This one speaks for itself. Choose your Ap: GPS, elevation profile, training stats, you name it. Yours for $25.

Civia Bamboo Full Coverage Fenders.Bamboo FendersWe've known about bamboo fenders for a while, but it wasn't until we ordered a pair for a customer and got our hands some that we added them to our offering here. Quite simply, they're beautiful! The hardware is rustless aluminum and stainless steel. They're coated with nautical grade poly for long life. For 700c wheels, 42mm wide, they go for $110. You should come see these.

Seat Post Mount Luggage Rack with Sides

We've picked up this seat post mounted rack for bikes that don't easily accommodate luggage racks. With the side struts, you can hang a small pannier on it without it sagging into the wheel. It's a good occasional rack as it's easy to put on and take off.

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Urban 200 Headlight

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