Where to Ride Bicycles in Atlanta

Here are a few links to help you find a ride or plug into the Atlanta cycling community.

Atlanta Group Rides

Southeastern Cycling

Bike Paths

The Path Foundation

Mountain Biking

The Southern Off Road Bicycle Assoc. (SORBA)

Social Rides and Bicycle Touring

The Southern Bicycle League


Georgia Cyclo Cross

Events & Advocacy Around the State

Georgia Bikes

Advocacy and Rides

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Bike Polo

ATL Bike Polo

Sopo Bicycle Cooperative


Map Your Commute

Citizens for Progressive Transit.

Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

We recommend these tours for local folks as well as out-of-towners. Hear stories and see tucked away places you may not otherwise discover. Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

The B.A.T.

Do you think that you know bikes? Well, we've put together the Bicycle Aptitude Test to see who's got the stuff and who still needs the training wheels. So, go ahead. Don't be afraid...

Take the B.A.T. now!

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